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Making money on the bug of the exchange (the bug has not been fixed yet) (updated Today, )

1) To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the exchange was giving away between 0.0014 BTC and 0.05 BTC. There were 5000 prizes in total. We are not sure if the promotion is over or not, but the bug is that with a special promo code that was not available to everyone - bonuses are still credited now!

2) To check which bonus you will get, just register on the exchange and enter the promo code decadex

3) After registering, on your profile page, you will be able to enter the promo code.

4) To get a bonus from 0.0014 BTC to 0.05 BTC - you must enter promo code decadex

5) The funds will be successfully credited to your account.

6) After that, you can withdraw BTC to your wallet, go to My wallets page -

7) Open the Withdraw tab and enter your details.

8) Congratulations, the funds will be successfully credited to your wallet.

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!CAUTION: Do not use multi-accounts, register only once, otherwise the promo code may be closed. Available only once for one person.